How to get permits - registration and certificate - for dietary supplements in Ukraine

If you want to open a business for the sale of functional non-drugs, specialty food products, bioadditives, you will need to obtain an SES conclusion and register. Registration will allow selling health products on the Ukrainian market - online, offline trading, pharmacies.

What products are subject to certification?

The following healthy food products must be registered:

  • Functional non-drug preparations (enteral mixtures, probiotics, prebiotics, synbiotics, cereals, fermented milk products).
  • Food products for special purposes (lactose-free kefirs, stevia sweets, coffee drinks, natural juices, etc.).
  • Children's, sports and dietary nutrition (cereals, protein shakes, amino acids, meal replacements, superfoods).
  • Diet drinks, herbal teas.

Special purpose additives must undergo an examination organized by the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Ukraine. During the expert assessment, the package of documents for the product is familiarized, laboratory tests are carried out, the main features of the drug are determined, as well as recommendations from the manufacturer for the end user.

Preparation of documents for dietary supplements

Next, a draft SES conclusion is being prepared, which spells out the progress of all stages of the examination, the assessment of the final results. The document is assigned a special number, which is entered in the State Register for the registration of dietary supplements, and you get a ready-made permit that allows you to sell your products for a healthy and proper diet.

Professional support in the process of certification of dietary supplements

It is difficult to get registration on your own, you still need to work with structures that speed up this process. For 5 years, the specialists of our company Bio Light have been providing professional assistance in obtaining permits for the production and trade of bioadditives, paperwork for capsules in Ukraine.

You can get a certificate with our help in the near future. To speed up the process, you can call or email us at, or call the number listed on the website.