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Biolight is a manufacturing company founded in 2016, which occupies a leading position in the market of contract production of dietary supplements. The company provides encapsulation, tabletting, blistering and packaging services as well as liquid filling, technical documentation development and assistance in making efficient logistics routes throughout Europe and Ukraine.

In the range of Biolight products you will find desiccants, induction seal liners, hard gelatine capsules, a whole line of HDPE containers, blisters and various packages.

To ensure product quality the company uses effective automatic and semi-automatic equipment, which allows accurate packaging of products. Among the latest innovative technological opportunities there is high-speed filling, which has become an urgent need in view of the promotion of proper nutrition, increasing the value of natural products and unrefined oils, in particular. Thanks to the replaceable main parts of the new equipment it was possible to reduce downtime during bottling to a minimum, so the products under the order are guaranteed to be ready on time.

We work with small and large, wholesale customers, advise and provide the desired result, based on mutually beneficial partnership conditions.

Product quality is the responsibility of a highly qualified team of specialists for whom product quality control and guarantee are fundamental values ​​in the field of contract manufacturing, developed through years of international cooperation and professional development.

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