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Product delivery is one of the important post-production stages, since it is thanks to it that the goods are received by the direct consumer. Making routes for the traffic circulation in logistics is one of the key ones and allows you to optimise the costs of cargo delivery. Transportation should be built in such a way as to get the maximum result at the lowest cost. The cost of goods, in addition to production costs, also implies others, including the cost of transport. In this regard, it is so important for our clients to get the lowest possible cost, and thus sidestep their rivals in terms of price.

Biolight will help you find the best route through several points quickly and on favourable terms. To select a route our specialists analyse the type of cargo, points of destination and arrival, the desired mode of transport and other features that give an idea of ​​the cargo as a whole. We work with all major cities in Ukraine, including Kharkiv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Odesa, as well as across Europe. Biolight is guaranteed to select the most efficient transportation for your cargo by one or several modes of transport. Our team has exclusive offers, thanks to which we can find the best route and choose a carrier.

Route categories and their specifics

The route is the way of transport to the point of delivery of the goods. There are the following types of routes:

  • Pendulum routes are routes in which vehicles in the forward and reverse directions move along the same path, while on the way back they can be either loaded or empty.
  • Radial routes are routes in which goods are transported from one point in different directions, or to one point from different directions. This type of transportation is used, for example, if a manufacturer needs to collect goods from different points in one warehouse, or to distribute goods from one warehouse to different points of sale.
  • Circular routes are routes in which transport moves in a closed circle, crossing several unloading points along the way, which makes it possible to reduce transport costs by transporting goods from several owners with one vehicle. It is the most popular, the others are used in cases where constructing a circular route is not advisable.

Choosing the type of vehicle

Making transport routes includes the choice of the optimal type of vehicle, in which the following factors should be taken into account:

- air transport has among is the advantages the opportunity of international delivery in the shortest possible time, large carrying capacity, but high cost in comparison with other types of delivery and geographical restrictions;

- railway transport has a wide network and throughput, relatively low cost of transportation, convenient access for wagons directly to enterprises, is often used to transport bulk cargo or cargo in tanks, however, the cargo is delivered directly to the platform, and not to the point of sale or warehouse;

- road transport has the ability to deliver from point to point, is also used to send cargo in small batches, has the most flexible route planning, but depends on road conditions and weather conditions, and also does not always have a low delivery cost.

Making the optimal route in Biolight

If you have a need to draw up an optimal route for the transportation of products, then doing this together with Biolight will be a profitable solution that will bring the required result. In order to find the best route, we take into account the following factors:

- characteristics of the cargo, the need for special conditions of transportation, fastening, storage;

- the presence of general cargo directions of the country when travelling to the destination point, which will help to simplify the search for a vehicle with the possibility of additional loading of our goods into it;

- minimum route distance;

- the vehicle should be as fast as possible, but at the same time there should be no possibility of damage to the cargo;

- the time frame in which the cargo must be delivered to the destination;

- the maximum travel budget for the selection of transport within these limits;

- the frequency with which the transportation will be carried out (one-time or the transportation will be of a periodic nature);

- selection of the least busy routes, taking into account forecasted weather conditions, etc.

Biolight has a comprehensive approach to the provision of services for the preparation of traffic routes. If you still have questions, call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions.

We will be happy to answer all your questions
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