Pre-packaging and packaging of food supplements is the final stage of production. You can safely entrust it to Biolight and be sure of the result. It is the correct packaging that ensures the safety of food supplements throughout their entire shelf life. It is not profitable for most manufacturers to carry out the filling process on their own, as it requires special equipment, trained personnel and sanitisation of premises. We understand the needs of modern business, so we work quickly, inexpensively and with large volumes of products. Pre-packaging of powders, encapsulation, pre-packaging and packaging of pills with Biolight are automated processes that exclude human factor. We will help you save money and deliver a product that is completely ready for sale to the buyer. Our experts know the packaging process perfectly well, so your order can be arranged today, on favourable terms, with transportation across Ukraine and Europe. We guarantee the quality and safety of products at all stages of pre-packaging. Make a choice in favour of Biolight and pre-packaging of food supplements for you will be our task.


Secondary pill pre-packaging is the packaging of finished drugs and food supplements in blisters, jars, containers and medicine bottles.

At Biolight production 3 pre-packaging options are offered:

  • Rigid. Containers and medicine bottles made of glass, polymer. Suitable for packaging solid medicines, powders, pills, capsules, liquids. This is the most reliable packaging option, it endures transportation and storage in almost any conditions. The tops of rigid packages are closed with screw-on or snap-on lids. The pills are not packaged separately, which allows for compact storage of large batches. Bottles can be additionally packed in boxes.
  • Semi-rigid. Made of plastic, cardboard, foil. Semi-rigid package consists of blisters with separate cells for each pill or capsule. Cardboard or plastic backs are dense, additionally protected with a layer of foil. It is easy to tear them to get the dosage of the medicine. The front part of the blisters is made of transparent plastic; the number of taken pills can be tracked by it. Blisters made of semi-rigid package are pre-packed in boxes with the name and label of the drug.
  • Soft. Soft plastic or paper is used for pre-packaging. Is often used in the packaging of herbal products, food supplements. The front and back parts are made of the same opaque material, it tears slightly to unpack, the medicine is easily released. Flexible packaging is inexpensive to manufacture, is suitable for start-up companies who want to reduce the cost of the finished product.

In Biolight you can order the production of pills and capsules, pre-packaging, type of packaging.

In the process of pre-packaging, drugs are encapsulated in a gelatine overpouch.


Powder pre-packing is carried out in packaging, which depends on the physicochemical properties of the composition:

  • Simple pills and capsules can be packed in thick paper, glued with a layer of animal glue;
  • Light-sensitive formulations are packaged in impervious bottles, opaque blisters made of paper and plastic;
  • Substances that change their composition when exposed to oxygen are packed in wax paper;
  • Instead of paper cellophane, plastic, fabric bases can be used.


Representatives of Biolight will help you choose the package for the packaging of food supplements and medicines according to the composition, type, and budget of the customer. The terms of cooperation are discussed in advance. Orders are processed quickly, with high accuracy, in perfect sanitary conditions.

Filling of oils and liquids is also a filling service. Contact Biolight representatives for details.


The price of the Biolight services for the packaging of capsules is set individually. The cost is determined by the type of medicines or vitamins, batch sizes, urgency, additional services and production activities.

Call or write to us, our employees will hold a free consultation, help you calculate the cost of contract manufacturing. Biolight partners are offered flexible terms of cooperation, integrated production, discounts for large batches.


Primary packaging for dietary supplements is essential, as it prevents contact with the environment and ensures the safety of tablets and capsules. The advantages include:

  • Successful packaging contributes to a more profitable presentation of products in comparison with competitors, makes it possible to distinguish your product;
  • The main properties remain unchanged throughout the entire shelf life, since the product is not in direct contact with air, moisture, sunlight;
  • The possibility of errors in portions is excluded, since the process is automated;
  • The primary packaging is hermetically sealed, which excludes the possibility of unauthorised access;
  • The filling workshop meets all sanitary standards and excludes the possibility of product spoilage at the filling stage;
  • Minimal financial costs and no risks for the manufacturer.

Before the production of food supplements, all characteristics, dosages, form of release are prescribed in the contract. Biolight complies with arrangements and uses high-quality equipment in production.


in operations. This is what gives us the opportunity to quickly understand the need and offer a profitable solution. Pre-packaging and packaging of pills with our company also has a number of the following advantages:

  • Modern equipment on the filling line;
  • Attentive staff who will not leave problems unsolved;
  • Flexible system of discounts depending on the volume of the order;
  • Promotions and bonuses;
  • Possibility of transportation and delivery directly to you.
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