Manufacturers of both pharmaceuticals and food supplements more and more prefer gelatine capsules for packaging their products. We invite you to cooperate in the purchase of gelatine capsules from enterprises from all over Ukraine. The full list of Biolight services may be found on the website Biolight has a wide range of raw materials for the production and storage of food supplements and drugs. For dry substances silica gel is offered, liquids are filled in sealed bottles, etc.

How are gelatine capsules made

The production of capsules is a rather complicated technological process, which takes place in several stages:

  • Preparation of gelatine mass is possible in two ways:
  • with preliminary swelling of gelatine;
  • without prior swelling of gelatine.
  • The production of parts of a hard gelatine capsule is carried out by immersing special pins, at a certain speed of rotation and revolutions, into a gelatine mass of the required viscosity. All components are calculated in advance, respectively, as a result, we get a gelatine capsule that has the same size, wall thickness and shape.
  • The shells obtained in this way are dried, then removed mechanically and fed to the filling workshop.

Purpose of empty gelatine capsules

Typically, hard gelatine capsules are used to dose the following types of substances:

  1. loose
  2. powdery
  3. granular.

The modern development of technologies makes it possible to dose into hard capsules also substances that have a liquid texture, while additional protective mechanisms are added to an ordinary capsule.

Sizes of gelatine capsules

When choosing a size, consider the following:

  • Each capsule size has a specific product capacity;
  • Before you buy gelatine capsules in bulk, you need to consult with a Biolight specialist who will be able to help with your choice and answer all questions;
  • The equipment on which the gelatine capsules are manufactured is automatic and has a great variability of settings, in this regard, we are ready to accept an order for the manufacture of various sizes of capsules, based on the needs of our customers.

Advantages of buying gelatine capsules from Biolight

When buying gelatine capsules, you do not need to buy expensive equipment, which reduces production costs, and subsequently gives a good retail price for customers. Many people prefer drugs not in the form of pills, but in the form of capsules, this can attract a new audience to your products and expand the circle of potential consumers.

Our company is not only a supplier of hard gelatine capsules, but also sells food supplements of its own production, accordingly, knows the needs of the market. We can offer our clients a large assortment and reasonable prices. Depending on the required volumes, we will offer a flexible system of discounts and promotions. We cooperate with clients throughout Ukraine, Kiev and regions.

In addition, we can also offer other types of packaging of medicines and food supplements, related services, or arrange transportation. In us you will get a reliable partner who guarantees the result.