BIOLIGHT company is engaged in the complex manufacturing and packaging of food supplements or other products in tableted, powder, and capsule form.

Our work system is built on absolutely official principles, so when working with us, you are guaranteed to get the result you expect without any problems.



Our professionals have years of experience behind them in the launching of health product lines and the development of supplements, superfoods, and herbal extracts.

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  2. vegan private label supplements
  3. vitamin d3 production
  4. private label sports drinks, nutrition
  5. private label vitamin c production
  6. private label herbal extracts



For businesses searching for help in producing custom formulas. From product development to production, delivery and compliance.



Our company has all the necessary equipment for packing products in the form of:
Packing pills of any size and shape

Private Label nutritional Supplements & Vitamins

Pills can be packed in jars or blisters. On our equipment, it is possible to pack pills in any standard containers, of any volume, with precise control of the amount of loaded products, and preliminary dedusting of products before loading will help avoid contamination of the appearance of the product during transportation and lying on store shelves.

Packing capsules of any size

If your product is powdery but you want to market it in capsules, it makes no problem.

When filling capsules, similar to tableted products, we guarantee the exact amount of the product that enters the jar.

We can offer you capsules of all sizes available on the market, as well as services for the encapsulation and packaging of ready-made capsules. Encapsulation done by us will give you the convenience of working with one contractor, therefore you can not worry about transporting products in specially equipped vehicles for a lot of money, you can remove the risks associated with delays in the transportation of the product from one place to another from the costs, and you just have to watch the timing on the calendar and wait for the completion date.

Packing powder or bulk products

Such as tea, coffee, ground herbs, or fine powders. Packaging of this type of product is done a little differently than other types of products.


Powdered products are poured into a bulk material dispenser, which pours the required amount one by one into different boxes, where the product is weighed. Then, if the weight matches the required one, the product is poured into the container, if not, part of the product is moved to another box, which, when filled, is also poured into the container. Thus, we guarantee an accurate distribution of even the finest particles, and the accuracy of the scales measures the product exactly to a tenth of a gram.

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In addition to packaging pills, capsules and powders, we can also fill liquid products into bottles or sealed bags.

The currently popular product - oil – can be poured at a fairly high speed, and there are no problems in pouring several different oils one after another - replaceable main parts of the equipment allow reducing downtime during filling to a minimum, which means that your products are guaranteed to be bottled on time.

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If capsules or pills need to be packed in blisters, we can help you with this too.

There is a large assortment of blisters on the market, and we have experience with most of them. When packing pills in blisters, we guarantee the quality and cleanness of sealing, as well as the integrity of the products during production and during storage of the finished product in our warehouses.

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We have an experienced food technologist in our staff who will be happy to help you draw up technical documentation or recipes, for example, technical specifications for food products, for setting up the recipe and the production process of your products.

The development of technical specifications is an important step towards improving the quality of your products, because Ukrainian DSTUs (State Standards of Ukraine) are not at the highest level at present, and to improve the quality, you simply need to independently develop new ways of production and quality control for your own product.

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Since our production also works with foreign customers, we quite often need to develop logistics routes across Ukraine and the EU. Therefore, if we can do it for ourselves, we can also do it for you.

Private label supplements in Europe

We offer ways of transporting various goods through the territory of Ukraine and neighbouring countries by road quite easily and quickly, the calculation of air transportation takes a bit more time. You can compare our routes with other companies, and you will see that due to the fact that this is not our main source of income, we can offer this service cheaper, but at the same high level.

You can order the services listed above by calling us, leaving a request on the website, sending a message in the feedback form, or sending an e-mail to us (please find the address in the contacts).

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  • Reliable partner in the market for the production of food supplements
  • Full service of contract manufacturing
  • Ready-made formulas
  • Consulting and selection of optimal solutions at each production stage
  • Working with trusted foreign supplier companies
  • A wide range of packaging, product forms and components
  • Unique formulations based on modern research on the safety and effectiveness of ingredients
  • A team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of contract manufacturing
  • Using the latest automatic and semi-automatic equipment
  • Formulation development, packaging of goods in a form, delivery to your warehouse: you receive goods ready for sale to your buyer
  • Latest high power equipment
  • All production processes are strictly controlled
  • The company monitors the quality of the raw materials used
  • The components used have certificates confirming their safety and suitability for medicinal purposes
  • Control of production and packaging of products
  • The staff works solely in special clothing, gloves, masks
  • After filling, bottling or blistering, part of the products is transferred to the quality control department for quality analysis
  • We guarantee the accuracy of packing any product
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