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Food supplements have recently become more and more popular in the Ukrainian market. Amazing results from taking such supplements have already been proven abroad by the most influential laboratories, and food supplements are part of the daily life of many people.


They improve the general condition of the body, replenish the lack of vitamins and help to increase immunity. Today many manufacturers, realising the growing demand, are thinking about launching their production in Ukraine.

However, the basis of any production of food supplements and a guarantee of business safety are documents confirming the quality of dietary supplements. The presence of permits is not only an advantage over competitors, but also a concern for the health of consumers of your products. In the presence of broad powers to control food products and supplements on the part of state authorities, the development of technical documentation for food supplements is simply necessary. This is the right decision for those who do not want to incur losses in the future, and also value their time and reputation. Working according to a proven scheme in the development of technical documentation is a guarantee of results for our clients. We will help you to obtain documents confirming the quality of food products, on favourable terms, quickly and at a good price. We provide technical documentation for food supplements, as well as help to obtain documents confirming the quality of hygienic and cosmetic products. Our experience in providing technical documentation services is your guarantee of success.

The development of technical documentation is needed even when pre-packing pills to confirm the quality and composition of the products.

Why do you need documents confirming quality

A question that interests many, when analysing consumer demand and deciding on the launch (growth) of the production of food supplements or their import from abroad. After all, there is no mandatory registration. However, we draw your attention to the following points:

  • No risk, no unnecessary questions from government agencies;
  • Only having documents confirming the quality of food supplements, you will be able to export goods, consider issues related to the presentation of products in the pharmacy chain;
  • Laboratory tested food supplements are in great demand among consumers;
  • Development of technical documentation for food supplements is your advantage and a winning bonus, while competitors only think about it, you are already one step ahead.

List of required documents

The documents confirming the quality of food products are:

  • opinions of research on the subject of safety for human health and the absence of harmful substances in the composition of food supplements;
  • the opinion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service that your product is not a drug and belongs to food supplements;
  • an international certificate legalised in Ukraine, in case of import of goods to Ukraine.

The lists of documents for different products vary. So, you can order filling services and documents for the finished product.

Laboratory studies are carried out in the presence of product samples and in accordance with the technical specifications of their manufacture. The lack of technical specifications is not a problem, the Biolight specialists will help to develop them as soon as possible.

After all the necessary analyses have been carried out, on the basis of the research protocol an opinion is given on the attribution to food supplements, while the product labelling is subject to agreement, indicating the procedure for use, composition, shelf life, etc.

Design features

To develop technical specifications according to your recipes that guarantee positive laboratory tests, you need to pay attention to a number of features:

  1. The complexity of the recipe, the number of components of the food supplements and the expected effect on the human body.
  2. Type of product - food supplement, cosmetic product, hygiene product.
  3. The number of products for which documents confirming quality, technical specifications are required.
  4. The need to translate documents related to your product.

Biolight comprehensively approaches the solution of issues for each order, monitors all updates of legislation, provides services not only in Kyiv, but throughout Ukraine and Europe.

What documents you will receive by contacting us

Depending on your needs, together with us you can get:

  • Technical documentation on food supplements;
  • A package of documents for submission to government agencies for laboratory control;
  • Preparation of a registration dossier for hygienic and cosmetic products;
  • Obtaining expert opinions;
  • Development of labelling for food supplements, in accordance with the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, as well as European legislation, if necessary.
  • Other related services, upon your request.

We offer full support of the process of developing technical specifications for your products, experienced Biolight professionals are ready to answer all your questions.

Benefits of cooperation with Biolight

Together with the technical documentation, you can order the production of drugs, encapsulation and other services.

Relatively recently a system of state control over food supplements has been created, due to the active growth of their number on the market and the interest of buyers. Therefore, the development of technical documentation for food supplements is a new area of ​​activity for many. We are professionals in our field and we know that only after considering all the nuances in the development of technical documentation, you can get a high-quality result in the shortest possible time. The goal of Biolight is to turn our experience into your victories.

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