What is silica gel

Silica gel is a dried silicic acid gel that comes in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. It has a porous structure that allows the molecules to quickly absorb moisture and volatile vapours. Due to these unique properties, desiccants have become widespread, both in everyday life and in the storage of pills and food supplements.

A desiccant is common in everyday life, for example, it can be seen in packaging with household appliances, bags, shoes, etc. For manufacturers of various types of products, its presence is simply necessary, since it protects the product from the effects of excessive moisture, allowing it to preserve its properties.

Biolight offers packaged silica gel for sale in the quantities required by customers. The granules are placed in special bags that allow moisture to pass through. Usually silica gel is transparent, but you can also add colour indicators to it, which change colour when a certain level of moisture accumulates.

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Silica gel types

There are two main types of silica gels:

  1. Coarse grain, used when it is necessary to adsorb large volumes of moisture, most often during long-term storage of products, container transportation, in a humid climate, etc.
  2. Small grain, more popular, suitable for filling in small bags, can be placed in packages with small goods, but suitable for absorbing small excess moisture.

In addition, silica gel in sachets is divided into large pore and fine pore. This criterion is determined after analysing the scope of the product use and other factors.

Based on the shape of the granules, silica gels can be divided into lumpy and granular. The latter are more popular, they have a rounded shape, a more presentable appearance.

Depending on the product that is protected with the help of such granules from the harmful effects of environmental factors, namely air humidity, storage time or transportation, the type of silica gel optimal for your product is determined.

Silica gel application

The use of silica gel is quite extensive. It is used to dry indoor air, when transporting products exposed to moisture, such as flour, cereals (and other bulk food products), grain, electrical appliances, batteries, etc.

If long-term storage and corrosion protection is required, a desiccant will also be indispensable, because it allows manufacturers to be sure that the buyer will receive a quality product that retains all chemical and physical properties. Silica gel will help to preserve even gelatine capsules if they are to be transported or stored in a high humidity environment.

In addition, it is also widespread in the processing industry, pharmaceuticals, the manufacture of insulating glass units, etc.

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