Contract manufacturing of antiseptics and disinfectants

In the realities of modern life, an antiseptic is an effective tool for preventing coronavirus infection, for disinfecting surfaces, things and hands. Biolight company is the leader in the production of supplements, packaging, tableting, encapsulation of raw materials, bottling water, sunflower oil, functional drinks in Ukraine, offers contract production of antiseptics in industrial-scale volumes with delivery throughout the country, except for temporarily occupied territories.

The innovative equipment of the enterprise is capable of producing and bottling antiseptic gels, customer branded sprays in containers of 50 ml, 60 ml, 100 ml, 1000 ml. The most popular containers are up to 100 ml, and our equipment pours up to 7,000-10,000 such units per day. If there are huge enterprises among your customers, then buying disinfectants in liter containers is more profitable. Our capacities allow filling up to 4000 bottles per day!

Our company is engaged in a full production cycle, from the development of a recipe, the manufacture of a label, to the selection of containers and the organization of transportation of finished products to the end consumer. You can also outsource a separate stage of production to us: only the development of the label, only the bottling or only the development of the recipe.

The team employs highly specialized technologists who have mastered the technology for the production of antiseptics, whose developments have been approved by many European colleagues.

We provide full documentary support of the project - the conclusion of the contract in the agreed terms.

Types of cooperation

To get started, you need to decide on the form of cooperation. BioLight offers the following cooperation options:

  • “Turnkey” or contract manufacturing of skin antiseptics: this form provides for full support of the customer's project with 100% implementation of all technological, legal, marketing and transport processes. We own a wide range of developed and tested recipes. We comply with all standards when developing a label so that the finished product stands out from other antiseptics, and most importantly, inspires confidence among customers. We provide competent logistics to your production or immediately to your customers. At each stage, you have the opportunity to evaluate its quality and make changes.
  • Outsourcing: the transfer of full production or part to work to us, since you only have an idea, but no basis to implement the project. Or you have production, but no suitable equipment to produce antiseptics.
  • For regular customers: a type with a discount system if the customer has worked with us before. As per this type, Biolight works with both start-ups and large enterprises. A flexible system of discounts, promotional offers, bonuses is provided, but for each client it is negotiated individually.

Manufacture of antiseptics under your trademark (brand)

If you have a registered trademark, we are ready to launch production of sanitizers on our equipment. This type of interaction implies the release following the Biolight recipe. The main label with brand and design will be yours, and the back label will contain the trade name of our antiseptic product.

This process is more aimed at agreeing on a permit for the production of an antiseptic, which will be necessary when selling the finished product to consumers.

Production of antiseptics, sanitizers following your recipe

A ready-made recipe from the client always simplifies the process, as, eventually, the client realizes what to expect in the result. The task of Biolight is only to set up and automate the process of bottling alcohol antiseptic according to the finished recipe in an accredited laboratory.

If there is no ready-made recipe, our technologists will offer proven options for antiseptics that are 100% effective in use. Recipes based on isopropyl alcohol are available with or without flavors.

Types of disinfectants produced by Biolight as part of contract manufacturing

Our company, which is located in Zaporizhzhia, develops and bottles the following types of disinfectants:

  • Hand antiseptics. Mini-sanitizers, which should always be at hand and disinfect the skin of the hands.
  • Means for disinfection of premises. Liquid in bulk containers for space disinfection at small and large enterprises.
  • Antiseptic gels and liquids. Specialized products that gently disinfect the skin and prevent excessive dryness of the skin, maintaining an optimal level of moisture.
  • Other disinfectant chemicals.

Benefits of producing antiseptics with Biolight

  • Choosing type of cooperation which is the most suitable for the client.
  • Client control at every stage.
  • Possibility of correcting a certain production process.
  • A wide base of proven prescription developments of antiseptics in Ukraine and Europe.
  • Support in obtaining permits for the launch of serial production of antiseptics. Legal assistance in the development and registration of technical specifications.
  • Chemical and physical quality control of raw materials in vitro.
  • Own laboratory with innovative equipment and tools.
  • Fully or semi-automated production equipment (separate line for the production of antiseptics).
  • High daily production volumes (bottling from 4000 units per shift).
  • Smart logistics.
  • Optimal prices, bonuses, discounts, promotional offers.
  • A wide arsenal of resources - human, technological, marketing, legal and transport.
  • Individual approach to all projects.

Stages of production of antiseptic agents under the contract

Project management of contract manufacturing of antiseptics and disinfectants: initial consultation and analysis of the request.

Discussion of options for cooperation: following the finished recipe or the customer's recipe.

Conclusion of an agreement between Biolight and the customer.

Making samples for the client and subsequent amendments.

Creation of the future label layout, amendments or work with the client's finished label.

Implementation of the proposed marketing goal.

Serial production of antiseptics with strict control of each stage.

Vials for antiseptics and disinfectants

The following containers are available:

  • 30 ml
  • 60 ml
  • 100 ml
  • 1000 ml
  • 5000 ml

These volumes are presented in transparent or white containers. They are closed with a lid, have a sprayer, a flip-top lid.

Who might need it:

Disinfectants, liquids, gels and other disinfectant chemicals are essential for:

  • Health care institutions.
  • Beauty industry.
  • Retail.
  • Hotel and tourism businesses.

Thanks to the services of the production of antiseptics in Ukraine offered by Biolight, you will be able to expand the range of your basic products, improve the quality of service and, most importantly, provide a safe environment where there is no place for bacteria, viruses and infections.

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