Advantages of induction seal liners

Manufacturers of many types of goods, especially those that sell their products in plastic bottles and cans, face the necessity of buying induction seal liners.

Biolight offers a wide range of liners for purchase, and also supplies an assortment of tools and products to partners: blisters, packages, empty capsules for medicines and much more.

Among the main advantages there are:

  1. Container opening control, protection against petty thefts and outside interference.
  2. Product safety, the complexity of counterfeiting, since it is difficult and costly to create an identical liner.
  3. The indicator of a premium quality product, a manufacturer that provides maximum product protection, always wins over competitors.
  4. Opportunity to put a logo on the liner.
  5. Sealing of packaging and the absence of the influence of environmental factors on the product.

Due to the combination of these factors, an increasing number of manufacturers are choosing membranes for induction sealing as a necessary element for packaging goods.

Liner designs

Analysing the design of the liners, two main types can be distinguished: separable and inseparable. Inseparable liners consist of a base (cardboard or polymer), a connecting layer, aluminium foil and a soldering layer, with an adhesive backing. During production the liner is placed inside the lid, holding there on special projections, then, under induction, the foil is heated and soldered to the lid of the can or bottle. When opened, the liner remains completely soldered to the neck; without removing it, the container would not open.

The separable liner has a similar design, namely a cardboard base, a connecting layer, aluminium foil and an adhesive layer. The whole difference here is precisely in the connecting layer, which, when heated in the induction module, is absorbed into the base layer, thus dividing the liner into 2 parts. The base remains inside the lid, and the foil layer, as in the first form, is soldered to the bottle. Thus, the base subsequently provides additional sealing for the lid. The second option is used if the product itself is exposed to environmental factors, for greater protection.

Features of opening

Based on the design of the liners, several types of opening can be distinguished:

  • lightly openable, the foil gets broken by the consumer without any problems, the solder particles of the liner remain on the neck of the can;
  • heavy openable, depends on the type of product, as a rule, it is used for liquids, the consumer needs to break the foil with the help of foreign objects, solder particles also remain on the neck of the bottle;
  • complete removal of the foil by peeling off, as a rule, in such cases there is a special edge for removal, there are no traces of the foil after opening.


  1. For the base, cardboard or various kinds of polymers are used, the base is designed for a snug fit of the liner and additional density when capped.
  2. In most cases paraffin is used as a binder, which, after heating, is absorbed into the cardboard layer.
  3. Foil for induction sealing is made of aluminium, the larger its layer, the stronger the liner itself.
  4. The soldering layer separates the metal foil and the product and is individually selected based on the materials of the bottle.

Advantages of membranes for induction sealing at Biolight

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