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The food supplement market is constantly expanding. According to the latest sociological surveys (2020), 72% of the population of Ukraine take food supplements that are designed to enrich the diet with concentrated vitamins and minerals to make up for their deficiency in the body.

Biolight is a leader in the formulation and production of food supplements, which you can contact today. We have our own laboratory, high-precision equipment for organizing the process of tableting, encapsulation, pouring liquids of any complexity, filling and packaging powders. The company's employees offer full project support, including the provision of a database of new Ukrainian developments of food supplements, preparation of permits, licensing and registration of the final product.

Stages of formulating food supplements

The development and production of food supplements always starts with planning. Before ordering this service, you need to discuss within your team the following: what product you want to sell and how the product will meet unmet market needs, how your product will differ from similar products, what ingredients the product will consist of and whether all ingredients are approved in the country of sale, through which channels you plan to sell your product. These questions will help you to contact Biolight with a ready-made plan to start cooperation.

Then, we offer our plan for the development of food supplement formulations, which consists of the following steps:

  • Studying the terms of reference, researching the recipe formula, monitoring allowed and prohibited ingredients.
  • Selection and development of samples of raw materials, according to the declared recipe.
  • The study of raw materials by technologists for the compatibility of ingredients, their taste, color, texture.
  • Recipe calculations.
  • Work on the technical specifications of the food supplement (TS).
  • Development of a label layout, inscriptions in accordance with state standards.
  • Samples of the primary batch with subsequent adjustment.

Services for the development and registration of food supplements

Biolight offers to use the services for the development and registration of food supplements.

Experienced technologists, analysts and microbiologists who know absolutely everything about the raw materials for your product are working on the development. To do this, there is a specialized laboratory with equipment that allows monitoring the compliance of raw materials with microbiological, physical and chemical, sanitary and hygienic quality requirements.

In general, a recipe is a type of documentation that specifies the quantity and list of ingredients in the composition, as well as a technical production map, that is, how to produce this product, taking into account all the features, since such features, technical solutions can be completely different in all types of products:

  • encapsulation (for example, how to fit the maximum amount of substances into a capsule, or vice versa, make microdoses in a capsule);
  • tableting (a pill of a certain color, hardness, taste, resorption rate in the oral cavity);
  • powder form - it can be cocktails for people leading a healthy lifestyle, slimming cocktails, vitamin composition. Sports direction: gainer, protein, BCAA, creatine, etc.;
  • liquid form: drinks for DETOX, chlorophyll, aloe drinks, now shots (vitamin, energy, isotonic) is gaining mega-popularity.

To receive quality documents for food supplements as fast as possible, you can use our services for the registration of food supplements. We help to obtain conclusions from the State Food and Consumer Service on the subject that your product is not a drug, but a dietary supplement that is legalized in Ukraine, is safe for human health and does not contain harmful, toxic substances.

Benefits of cooperation with Biolight in developing recipes for unique health products

Development of food supplements for health products at the customer’s request in liquid and powder form, as well as in the form of pills and capsules.

We help to turn our many years of experience into the victories of your product in the food supplement market.

To do this, we know absolutely everything about the individual needs of your end consumer, who has learned to behave independently when looking for supplements to improve their health.

We make several rounds of samples so that the client makes suggestions after the first samples and we can refine the taste according to the client’s requests.

When developing a formulation of food supplements for capsule and pill forms, we take into account the technical features of the components and the composition as a whole, the target effect of the product, a period of time after which a tangible result should be received.

We have over 2000 ingredients in our database. We get raw materials from Switzerland, Spain, China, Georgia, Peru, India, Croatia and, of course, Ukraine.

We have an individual approach to each client. We are also ready to improve your original recipe.

Registration of food supplements

Cooperating with us, you get:

  • ready-made technical specifications for food supplements;
  • a set of documents for the successful completion of laboratory tests;
  • registration dossier for cosmetics and hygiene products;
  • expert opinions;
  • marking under state and European requirements;
  • other documents necessary to launch your product.

Production technology of food supplements following the recipe

To implement the full cycle of contract manufacturing, our company offers services for encapsulation, tableting and bottling of food supplements. We have all the technological conditions, equipment for the production of supplements in the most popular forms - pills and hard gelatin capsules of various shapes, sizes, density, colors, taste preferences.

We pack finished products in blisters, jars, sachets from minimal to industrial-size batches and transport them to your warehouse and to the end consumer (pharmacies, shops, supermarkets).

Biolight also offers bottling services for antiseptics, vegetable oils, water; we offer wholesale of liners for sealing, containers, raw materials, gelatin capsules with delivery throughout Ukraine.

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