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Types of liquids for filling

At Biolight, you can order bottling of water and other liquids into containers of any material and volume. The company's production is located in Dnipro, guarantees and documents can be requested by e-mail or viewed in person at the Biolight office. We work with the following types of liquids:

  • Drinking water, mineral water, purified water, etc .;
  • Still, carbonated, non-alcoholic drinks;
  • Biologically active liquids;
  • Oils;
  • Other liquids for food and industrial use.

Filling is carried out in containers of the customer's choice.

Sanitary and hygienic procedures are followed at Biolight production. Clean containers are used for filling. The composition of liquids does not change, and tightly closed packages protect them from foreign impurities entering the container.

Liquid filling services cover most types of liquid formulations. Biolight works quickly, in compliance with technical standards. The accompanying documents required for sanitary and hygienic standards are attached to the filled container.

Together with the filling of liquids and oils in Biolight you can order fast pre-packing of pills on professional equipment.

How liquids are filled

Washing and rinsing

Automatic equipment for rinsing and washing containers is part of the filling production line. Bottles are loaded into the machine, the washing process is to remove foreign substances, including dust, particles of cardboard, plastic, etc., that get into containers after their manufacture, transportation or storage. Washing, depending on the product and container, can be carried out with water or disinfectants. Thus, water filling is carried out in absolutely clean containers.

Orientation and capping

After rinsing the bottles automatically enter the filling area, where they are simultaneously fixed and filled with liquid. The capping equipment automatically supplies the caps and orientates them so that they exactly match the position of the bottle, then they are automatically put on and seal the bottle. The quantity of products does not affect the quality of capping; they all have a smooth, tightly screwed cap.

Control system

Despite the fact that bottling of oil and of drinking water is fully automated, Biolight still applies a filling quality control system.

It is carried out selectively and includes:

  • External examination of the contents of the container;
  • Checking the integrity of the container, no damage to the bottle;
  • The quality of the capping, cork.


The most popular type of labels for glass or plastic containers are self-adhesive labels made of polypropylene material. They are several times cheaper than paper ones and have more design opportunities. Among the other advantages of self-adhesive labels, one can single out the possibility of applying them of any shape and size, which allows placing all the information necessary for the manufacturer, as well as sufficient strength, high-level gluing quality.

Shrink wrapping

After the bottling of drinks is completed, for the convenience of transportation and, as an option for replacing cardboard boxes we offer services of packaging goods in shrink PVC wrap. This material is strong enough, follows the external contours of the product and gives it a more marketable appearance.

Features of our equipment

When pre-packing water and other liquids, specialised equipment installed in the workshops of Biolight is used.

The equipment of the company can perform filling:

  • On a large scale;
  • Without damage to containers;
  • Without the risk of introducing foreign microflora into the packaged environment;
  • With high speed of work;
  • The filling processes are fully automated;

All production equipment is kept in perfect technical condition, undergoes regular inspections, scheduled maintenance and repairs. Unkempt equipment directly affects the quality of pre-packaging and finished products. Additionally, liquids undergo inspections and checks according to the Biolight control system.

Biolight has equipment for a wide range of jobs. Services of encapsulation, filling, packaging, contract manufacturing are provided.

How the cost is calculated

Biolight provides beverage bottling services with an individual calculation of prices for each customer. The cost is calculated taking into account the specifics of the order for packaging liquid.

The type of liquid, volume of work, production time are taken into account. Discounts and more favourable terms of cooperation are possible for wholesale customers. Biolight will handle any batch size.

Benefits of bottling water and oils with Biolight

Bottling services for oils, water and other liquids are provided to organisations and individual customers. The main advantages of cooperation with Biolight are:

  • More favourable prices are set for large orders;
  • There is a large selection of containers and packages, labels are applied in Biolight workshops;
  • Production personnel wear overalls and protection equipment;
  • All production processes are automated;
  • Errors are excluded;
  • Each batch undergoes strict quality control;
  • Samples are taken directly at the Biolight laboratory, which minimises customer costs;
  • The condition of the packages is also monitored, visual inspections and tests for microflora are carried out;
  • There are additional services for the transportation of ready-made packages around Ukraine;
  • The company provides guarantees for all types of services and finished products.

Biolight representatives will conduct a free consultation on the production and bottling services, familiarize you with the contract. You can contact Biolight by phone, email or messengers using the same numbers. The company's employees will help you find a rational solution for your business. Cooperation with Biolight is a reliable partnership and quality assurance.

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