Our company carefully monitors the control of such critical for the quality parts of manufacturing as the reception of raw materials, cleanliness in the production premises, the appropriate humidity in the warehouse part of the building.

All stages of production of food supplements in Ukraine are strictly controlled, in shops the sanitary and hygienic norms established by the law are observed. At liquid filling samples on microflora in all parties are taken, at production there are high requirements to hygiene. In encapsulation services, quality control is performed for each finished batch and at the production stage.

For storage of raw materials which need additional cooling, or certain humidity of the room we provide refrigerators and a separate room with the humidity regulator.

To ensure the purity of the product during pre-packaging or filling, all staff work exclusively in special clothes, gloves, masks. After pre-packaging any of the product batches, the equipment is thoroughly washed with antibacterial agents and then washed with technical alcohol to remove any possible traces of the previous batch. This contributes to the maximum possible purity of the technological process.

After pre-packing, bottling or blistering, part of the product is transferred to the QC department for quality analysis. There, depending on the product, they check the quantity, weight or volume of the product in one package, to match the product label.

Also the QC department makes intermediate control of quantitative indicators in the course of packing, for an exception of failure of the equipment, or any human errors.

With such careful control, we can guarantee the accuracy of packaging of any product, which will not incur additional costs due to the inaccuracy of the equipment.

Also, we can help with the preparation of the necessary technical documentation for your products, and the presence of our own laboratory and technological engineer allows us to test products without significant costs and long waits in private laboratories.

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