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Food supplements and medicines are more convenient to use in the form of pills and capsules. The encapsulation of the initial composition of the product is the final stage in the production of food supplements. Tableting is more expensive and is rarely met in the food supplement market.

On the equipment of the Biolight company, you can order the service of pre-packing and encapsulating powdery products. In addition to encapsulating powders, you can order services for filling liquids into bottles and large containers. Pre-packing in capsules has a low cost, but this form of release is the most popular with buyers. The Biolight equipment works in automatic mode to create precise dosages of the substance for each capsule.

At the contract manufacturing of food supplements capsules are filled with precise dosages and selected shell composition.



Depending on the form of the drug, its properties, and other factors, the following types of capsules can be distinguished:

  • Hard gelatine capsules, used for powdery substances, have special, harmless to human impurities that help them maintain their shape, consist of two parts, a base, and a cap;
  • Soft gelatine capsules, used for liquid substances, as a rule, of spherical shape, without seam, easy to use;
  • Microcapsules, used for a limited number of drugs, are usually more convenient when the active substances are taken in very small dosages;
  • Capsules, with a dissolving shell, are used for drugs that must be absorbed through the stomach and dissolve with the help of gastric juice.

At the moment Biolight is engaged in packing exclusively in hard gelatine capsules. At the same time, solid experience, as well as automatic equipment with flexible settings, will carry out the dosage exactly in the amount required by the manufacturer.


Supplement encapsulation has a number of benefits for producers and consumers:

  • The shell perfectly masks the unpleasant taste, odor and heterogeneous structure, pigmentation of the composition;
  • The capsule dissolves within a few minutes, the drug in an uncompressed form is absorbed by the organism much faster;
  • Powder granules are reliably protected from moisture, pressure, they are easier to transport and store;
  • Capsules are suitable for administering drugs orally, rectally, vaginally;
  • This presentation is easier to swallow than ordinary pills;
  • The shell is easy to disassemble if the consumer plans to make a solution with the powder enclosed in it.

Powder encapsulation makes it possible to obtain an inexpensive product in production that is easy to use and sell. The oblong shape is anatomically easier to pass through the esophagus. The product is easier to use even for children.

When encapsulating powders are pre-packed into gelatine shells and further packed.

In the production of encapsulated drugs, it is important to pay attention to the quality of the blisters. Compared to pills that have an unpleasant taste and smell, there are more risks of uncontrolled consumption by children or animals.


Not only has encapsulation of food supplements many options for the form, but also for filling the capsules.

Among the most common there are:

  • Powdery substances;
  • Oils of any kind, including fish oil;
  • Pasty substances and substances with an oily texture;
  • Granules, etc.

If your form of drugs is not on the list, this is not a problem, call us right now and we will offer you many possible options and select the one that suits you.


Packaging in capsules is primary and provides a dosage of the drug, as well as ease of use. No less important is the secondary packaging, namely the one in which your product gets to the direct buyer.

There are also many options here, including placement in a blister and a cardboard box, the use of glass containers, and the use of packages of various shapes made of polymeric materials. The most popular is the use of polymer jars, which are lightweight, products are clearly visible through them, there is a possibility of protection from children thanks to special lids.

Secondary packaging provides protection from external factors and mechanical damage to capsules. Among the factors that have the greatest influence, humidity and air temperature can be named, the most optimal temperature is in the range of 16-22 °C.


When encapsulating food supplements, modern equipment is used that operates in an automatic mode.

General principles of production:

  1. Gelatine capsules of the correct size are selected. The size depends on the amount of powder in the filling.
  2. A batch of capsules is sent for filling. The required dosage of the product is added to each capsule.
  3. The capsules are closed in the second half. Ready-made drugs are packed in blisters and boxes, jars if the client has ordered such services.
  4. All stages of production are controlled. In the Biolight laboratory, all batches are checked for compliance with standards and cleanness.


Biolight offers powder encapsulation services and works on high-quality equipment:

  • The elements that come into contact with the capsules are made of stainless steel;
  • Production control takes place constantly, without interruption;
  • The dosage of the agent is set in advance and is not changed for the batch;
  • High performance of work;
  • Adjusts regularly, undergoes maintenance;
  • Various capsule sizes can be filled.

You can learn more about encapsulation from Biolight consultants by phone, in messengers, or by e-mail.


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