Biolight, the leader in the manufacturing of food supplements in Europe, offers the services of formulating products for a healthy lifestyle, which today has become not only a trend but also a need to maintain life expectancy and physical activity. Products for proper nutrition make it possible to compensate for the deficiency of missing vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins necessary for the functionality of organs and systems, disease prevention, and diet diversity, especially in winter:

  • private label health products
  • private label sports supplements
  • private label sports drinks
  • private label herbal supplements
  • private label vitamin c
  • private label vitamin d3

Among the products that the company can offer are food supplements for:

● immunity

● organs of the respiratory system

● losing weight

● gastrointestinal tract

● nervous system

● heart and blood vessels

● musculoskeletal system

● genitourinary system and kidneys

● female and male reproductive health

You can also order the manufacture of vitamin and mineral complexes for diabetics, athletes, pregnant and lactating women, children, and the elderly in any convenient form of release: capsules, tablets, liquid, or powder form.

For manufacture, Biolight uses high-precision automatic and semi-automatic equipment with a fully integrated production, where you can order it or outsource part of the manufacturing process.


Product development covers the following important steps:

  • The functional purpose of the product. We work with your project, its declared properties or select components, the complex of which will meet the needs of the consumer and solve their problems.
  • Release form. The product formulation and the concentration of each component have to be developed in order to select the most optimal form of administration for the end-user. We offer supplements in hard gelatin or vegetarian capsules (No.0, No.1) of any color, in the form of tablets (effervescent), drinks, shots, or tonics.
  • Recipe. In our arsenal of production, there are more than 1000 ready-made recipes for maintaining beauty and youth, weight correction, detoxification of the body, immunity, women's and men's health, for sports nutrition. We are also ready to work on request if you offer your recipe or are ready to adjust it in order to get the most useful final product.
  • Primary packaging. At this stage, we suggest choosing a container for packaging food supplements, vitamins, or minerals. It can be HDPE containers 120/40, 150/40, 200/40, or 200/65. At this stage, the number of capsules, tablets, or powder to fit in one package is negotiated.
  • Secondary packaging. If the primary packaging needs to be put in a carton, we suggest choosing premium packaging or not using it to save money. The primary packaging is made of high-quality components and is able to 100% protect the contents from mechanical damage, and exposure to ultraviolet radiation.
  • Design. You can offer your individual packaging style, and inscriptions, if not, then our professionals will develop a label and provide a finished layout as soon as possible.

All attention is focused on the product formulation, the components of which go through several stages of development and coordination with the customer. Then the food supplement manufacturing technologies are selected to make a high-quality product. Based on these stages, the final cost of the finished product is calculated.


When ordering the manufacture of food supplements from Biolight, you simultaneously get the opportunity, with the help of a team of company lawyers, to register your product in Europe, obtain the appropriate quality certificates and immediately build customer confidence in your products. For registration, we will help you in the development of technical specifications, obtaining a sanitary and epidemiological inspection report, and legalizing food supplements for sale in Ukraine within 5 to 14 days.

In view of the increased quality requirements not only for raw materials, but also for the manufacture itself, we help develop and implement quality systems for your production, and obtain ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 international certificates, which allow you to sell healthy food supplements both in Ukraine and in Europe.


  • An arsenal of unique recipes for the manufacture of products for health, beauty, youth, and sports results.
  • The maximum list of release forms (capsules, tablets, liquids, powders) of ready-made food supplements, vitamins, and minerals, sports nutrition.
  • Own laboratory for testing samples and product quality.
  • High-quality raw materials from Switzerland, Spain, China, Georgia, Peru, India, and Croatia.
  • More than 2000 ingredients, flavors for sale, in particular algae, sunflower lecithin, as well as hard gelatin capsules, inserts, desiccants, containers, ready-made antiseptics in bulk volumes of 60 ml, 100 ml, 1000 ml, 5000 ml.
  • Fully integrated production.
  • Modern automatic and semi-automatic equipment (calculator, tablet press, liquid bottling line).
  • Possibility of ordering individual services: encapsulation, tableting, blistering, production and bottling of antiseptics, packaging of tablets and powders.
  • Assistance in the development of technical documentation, registration of food supplements in Ukraine, obtaining the sanitary and epidemiological inspection report, and international quality certificates ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP).
  • Drawing up routes for transportation of finished products, and services for the transportation of food supplements to the customer's warehouse or to the end-user.
  • Guaranteed product quality through compliance with the requirements of microbiological and physical and chemical control.
  • A team of technologists, marketers, lawyers, and qualified laboratory assistants who have many years of experience in the production, registration, and sale of unique health products both in Ukraine and in Europe.


There are no mandatory conditions for the sale of food supplements in Europe, but many manufacturers are guided by the current regulatory legal acts and develop technical specifications for the finished product. Technical specifications help the manufacturer to declare themselves as an enterprise that has registered its unique composition and data about it is included in an open database for all customers interested in the authenticity of the product and manufacturer.

Biolight helps its customers to register their food products. You are only required to submit an application and a description of the product. Then we agree on the final specification, study all the components of the product, develop instructions for its use, describe its action, monitor the risks in accordance with Ukrainian legislation, and send a set of documents to the appropriate authorities for further entering the specifications into a single database.


For the production of liquids, and powdered vitamin supplements, Biolight has both high-precision equipment, high-quality raw materials, and a team of professionals who have tested hundreds of recipes for health supplements.

We understand that for the client, first of all, it is important to develop a recipe in order to get a unique product, and most importantly, a product that takes into account the wishes and requirements of its target audience.

In general, a recipe is a type of documentation that specifies the quantity and list of ingredients in the composition, as well as a flowchart for the production, that is, how to produce this product, taking into account all the features, since features, technical solutions can appear in absolutely all types of products:

● encapsulation (for example, how to fit the maximum amount of substances into a capsule, or vice versa, to make microdoses in a capsule);

● tableting (a tablet of a certain color, hardness, taste, absorption rate in the oral cavity);

● powder form - it can be cocktails for people leading a healthy lifestyle, slimming cocktails, vitamin composition. Sports direction: gainer, protein, BCAA, creatine, and others;

● liquid form: drinks for DETOX, chlorophyll, aloe drinks, shots (vitamin, energy, isotonic).

When compiling the terms of reference, our development department is headed by a candidate in chemical and technical sciences. Before that, a company manager asks a lot of questions to the client: the main action of the product, the mandatory components that they want to see in their product and build a marketing strategy on it, designates a list of components that they do not want to see in the composition. If technically necessary, the list of preservatives is agreed upon with the client.

Naturally, it is important for us that the client describe what taste he wants to get in powder and liquid products. We have been working with the largest and best aromatic companies for a long time and thus, we can offer the following flavors: raspberry, banana, pineapple, orange, lemon, chocolate, coffee, passion fruit, dragonfruit, hazelnut, wild berries, blackberry, strawberry, aloe, mint, tropic, ice cream, grapefruit, kiwi, grapes, apple, peach, and others. We make several rounds of samples so that the client makes suggestions after the first samples and we can refine the taste according to the wishes of the client.

When compiling a recipe for encapsulated and tablet products, we take into account the technical features of the components and the composition as a whole, the target effect of the product, and after what period of time a tangible result should be obtained.

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