Stages of antiseptic filling

Biolight provides antiseptic filling services in compliance with technical standards. The filled containers have all the necessary accompanying documents confirming compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards. The composition of the product does not change during the spill process. Sealed packages protect against impurities entering the containers.

The filling of the antiseptic at Biolight is carried out in stages:

  1. Washing, rinsing containers. Is produced on automatic equipment. The containers are loaded into the apparatus, where foreign substances (particles of plastic, cardboard, etc.) are removed. Washing is carried out with water or disinfectants. The products are filled only in absolutely clean containers.
  2. Orientation, capping. Automatic rinsing is carried out before the bottles enter the filling area. The container is fixed and at the same time filled with the antiseptic. The automation process ensures that the caps are delivered and sealed tightly. All caps screw on smoothly and quickly, regardless of the number of containers.

Despite the complete automation of the filling and capping process, additional quality control is carried out in our company. The procedure is performed selectively and includes an external examination of the contents, a check of the container for integrity, the quality of the closure and the tightness of the closure.

Next comes the labeling. The most popular option is a self-adhesive polypropylene material. These labels are much cheaper than paper labels, despite the fact that they have much more design options.

Finished products are packed in shrink wrap to improve convenience and safety during transportation. For packing the antiseptic, a sufficiently strong PVC film is used. It follows the contours of the product, giving it a presentation.

The advantages of our equipment

For the packaging of antiseptics, we use specialized equipment, which is installed in the production workshops of the Biolight company.

Thanks to the well-established production, we accept orders for the bottling of antiseptics.

Among the main advantages of cooperation should be highlighted:

  • no damage to the container;
  • a large selection of containers and packages;
  • only clean containers for filling;
  • high speed of task execution;
  • providing a guarantee for all services.

We undertake various volumes of filling work due to the fact that the filling process is automated. The equipment used in production is in excellent technical condition. Inspections, repairs and scheduled maintenance are carried out regularly.

How to calculate the cost

Prices are calculated individually for each customer. The cost depends on the amount of work to be done and the characteristics of the packaging of the antiseptic. The timing of the work performed matters.

Benefits of filling antiseptics at Biolight

We provide filling services for antiseptics to private customers and organisations.

The benefits of cooperation are as follows:

  • wearing protective clothing at work;
  • sample measurements in our own Biolight laboratory;
  • strict quality control of each batch;
  • microflora tests and visual examinations;
  • additional transportation services in Ukraine.

To confirm the composition and quality of antiseptic agents our specialists develop technical documentation. This approach eliminates the risk of unnecessary questions from government agencies. Documents confirming the quality allow you to put forward the goods for export and consider the possibility of bringing the products to the pharmacy network. Laboratory tested antiseptics are in great demand among consumers.

Employees of the company provide free consultations on the services of filling antiseptic. If necessary, the customer will be familiarised with the terms of the contract. We will help you find the most rational solution for any business.

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