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Silica gel is a sorbent that can absorb a significant amount of moisture from the environment. The gel is based on silicic acid and is available in the form of colorless beads. The granules are porous, accumulate moisture and retain it. The surface of the gel is impregnated with moisture, then the granules lose their absorption activity. Some formulations may restore absorbent properties.

The second name of silica gel is a moisture absorber. When the granules are filled with moisture, they can change colour. Silica gel has a wide range of applications, is used by manufacturers in industrial conditions and in everyday life.

How the desiccant works

Gel granules have a large surface area consisting of active centers that begin to work when exposed to a humid environment. These centers absorb any liquids, but the gel balls themselves do not increase in volume. Granules can accumulate a certain amount of moisture, retain it. The surface of the silica gel loses its absorbent properties when impregnated to the limit.

There are several types of desiccants. Some species are able to change colour when filled. When the gel is completely absorbed by the liquid, it changes colour. It becomes clear that it is time to replace the granules with fresh ones.

The absorbency of the granules depends on the number of active centers on the surface and the type of silicic acid in the composition. It is strictly forbidden to heat silica gel, it is explosive. When placed in water, it does not dissolve, absorbs a small amount and retains its shape. It is recommended to protect against strong blows and compression during transportation. The gel is brittle, can crumble to dust. Dust has toxic properties, it cannot be inhaled, it contains cobalt salts.

Why silica gel is needed and where it is used

The scope of silica gel is very wide. It is used in industry and domestic conditions.

Shoe drying

One of the most common ways to use silica gel is to take care of your shoes. In production, packed gel granules are always added to shoe boxes. They help keep the material and adhesive bases from getting wet during transportation and storage.

Granules can also be used in domestic conditions. They are placed in cloth or paper bags and placed inside the shoes. With long-term storage between seasons, a pair of shoes will remain dry, will look presentable longer.

Drying the smartphone

A sunken mobile phone is a common situation. You can resuscitate the device with silica gel. After drowning, you need to completely disassemble the device, remove the battery, SIM card. The separated parts are placed in a container filled with gel granules. It is recommended to keep the smartphone in a container with pellets for at least 8 hours.

If you act quickly, moisture will not have time to seep into the device and will be absorbed into the granules. If you do not have silica gel on hand, you can replace it with rice, but cereals are not as effective in extracting liquid from the environment.

Get rid of the smell of dampness

The unpleasant smell of dampness often appears in basements, in bags where they often carry wet things, in containers, refrigerators and cabinets. If the apartment does not have ventilation, the smell will appear there. Humidity and the accompanying smell are not liked by people. Over time, this is how clothes, food and other things start to smell.

The problem is solved by unfolding paper or fabric bags with gel granules. Gradually it will eliminate moisture and unpleasant odours. The bags should be replaced regularly as the granules fill with moisture.

Cutlery care

Silver and silver spray darkens over time. There is a misconception that this comes from contact with dirt. In fact, silverware becomes dark from contact with moisture. There are always some water molecules in the air, so the devices inevitably darken.

You need to put bags of silica gel into a box with silverware. The darkening process will slow down significantly. Cleaning appliances will be needed much less often. Packages should also be made of paper or non-dense fabric.

Drying of plants

The technology of creating herbariums or compositions with dried flowers requires careful preservation of plants during drying. Dried plants are very fragile, and when they wither, they change shape and structure. You can use silica gel. So all the moisture will be quickly extracted from the plant, there will be a well-dried base for creativity.

Stems or flowers should be carefully laid out on a flat surface. It is desirable to use a dish with low sides. On top of the plant is sprinkled with silica gel, left for several days. The granules are then carefully removed. The plant remains intact, dried.

Razor care

The blades of razors are made of stainless steel, but even with this composition, constant contact with moisture degrades the quality of the machine and the results after shaving. It is possible to prolong service life of the razor and even electric razors by means of gel in granules.

Silica gel is poured into a plastic container. After shaving, the machine is placed in it. The pellets will absorb moisture quickly and the razor metal will last longer. It is necessary to regularly replace the granules with new ones, because over time, they will become fluid and stop working.

Filler for a cat tray

Many manufacturers use cheap silica gel as a base for fillers for cat trays. Fragrances are added to the granules and colored. Ready-made fillers are quite expensive, but their use simplifies the care of the pet. The filler eliminates the smell, absorbs liquid, the tray is easy to clean with a special spatula.

Expensive fillers can be replaced with ordinary silica gel. It is filled into the tray as a regular filler and the used granules are removed with a spatula. The gel absorbs moisture and the smell is not worse than special means for trays.

Photographs storage

Old photos, books and paper are spoiled by humidity, dust. Such things become more expensive with age, but their condition can be terrible in a few years. To preserve documents, photos, diaries or valuable books, they are placed in a cardboard box with a lid that will close tightly. Silica gel bags are placed inside. The method is suitable for storing any papers.

It is important to use paper or cloth bags. Air from the external environment does not penetrate through polyethylene since the pores of the material are too small for its molecules. Ordinary plastic bags with granules will be completely useless as a sorbent. Fabric and paper are more breathable, so it's best to use them.

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